Sous Vide Cooker

(PCB design & development, plus manufacture cooker to customer drawings)

Our client initially approached us to help them source the major mechanical components of a new cooker they had developed (plastic injection moldings and metal pressings). They were going to then source the electronics locally and assemble in the UK.

Our quotations proved to be particularly competitive for upfront tooling investment, offering savings of up to 50% compared to other European sources.

After an initial period of assembly in the UK, we then got into discussions about assembling the entire product in China on behalf of our customer. This included sourcing the electronics, key pad, LCD display, other smaller components and presentation packaging.

As we got into the detail it became apparent that we could improve the design of the PCB, offer additional functionality (bluetooth connectivity) and reduce the cost of the PCB alone to 30% compared ot the UK sources.

The final stage was to get full CE approval for the complete product via an independent notified body TUV, in order that our customer could sell their products in Europe.

Now successfully in production in China we are now offering a superior product with an overall saving of 35% compared our customers total supply cost from their previous UK supplier.

Our services for this project included project mamangement, manufacturing and product design elements.