Why choose ChinaTech Sourcing for your component manufacturing?

Local and responsive technical representation

Your first point of contact will be an experienced UK-based manufacturing engineer, familiar with the technical processes required to manufacture your component. Working closely with you to establish an accurate brief based on his industry knowledge, he will gain a thorough understanding of all aspects of your project including drawings, standards, packing requirements, volumes and project timing.

Open and transparent access to Chinese suppliers

In order to help you evaluate our proposals, we are happy for customers to see our full component manufacturing proposals. If required, we can organise and host visits to the Chinese supplier, offer technical interpreters, and arrange any necessary travel and accommodation.

Bridging the cultural and language gap

Through our offices based in China and the UK, combined with our extensive experience of acting for Western clients, we can proficiently overcome any cultural and language barriers between East and West. We are also able to host factory visits and arrange any necessary interpreting work.

Projects delivered on target

ChinaTech Sourcing brings together extensive global component sourcing experience, obtained from working with leading manufacturers and their suppliers in a competitive and quality driven environment. We have an in-depth understanding of the procedures and processes required to ensure timely introduction of new or re-sourced parts within stringent cost and quality targets.

International logistics experience

Depending on your exact requirements, we can support the full range of INCO delivery terms from ‘Ex Works’ China (EXW) to ‘Delivered Duty Paid’ (DDP) to your UK premises so that there are no hidden extra import costs.

Design for Manufacture consultancy

An integral part of our quotation process is the assessment of Design for Manufacture and production feasibility. Validation of drawings identifies cost reduction opportunities in the manufacturing of your component and quality improvements at an early stage, as well as any potential problem areas in production which would otherwise prove costly and cause possible delays.

On-the-ground project management

Following supplier nomination, our Engineering team based in China assumes project management responsibility. They will visit the supplier regularly, monitor progress and ensure that all the necessary controls and component specifications are satisfied. Depending on customer requirements, this can include anything from basic validation of ‘first off’ production samples, to full PPAP/PSW sign off.

Full Quality Assurance for your peace of mind

ChinaTech Sourcing continues to be active after production has begun. We remain the UK point of contact for ongoing scheduling, product design changes and, in the unlikely event, any quality concerns. Our China-based bilingual Engineers will ensure that the key Quality Assurance activities are professionally executed. And, as we are happy to be judged on our results, this is backed up by our No Quibble Money Back Guarantee should the parts fail to meet specification.

Lower component costs through dealing direct

Quotations are obtained from several factories operating in some of the most strategic low-cost regions of China in order to ensure competitive prices and a robust manufacturing proposal. After supplier nomination and sample approvals, production is shipped directly from the manufacturer to our UK customer, thus eliminating costly overheads associated with double handling of parts, interim UK warehousing and unnecessary inventory. However, ChinaTech Sourcing retains full commercial liability throughout the project.