Container Clamp

(Full Design & Development)

Our client initially approached us to help them source the major mechanical components of a clamp system they wanted to make that attached to the corners of shipping containers. The concept they showed us was very complicated with components that were likely to break in use and manufacturing costs that would have been prohibitively expensive.

The problem was they needed the clamp to automatically rotate inside the container corner as part of clamping mechanism.

We offered to work with them to develop a lower cost robust design which could be easily manufactured. After several iterations and testing we finished up with an assembly consisting of 2 machined forgings, a high tensile bolt and locking nut for their clamping system.

The project included 3D modelling, FE analysis, specification of finishing options, 2D production drawings and support with product testing. All necessary production drawings and 3D models were provided to facilitate quotations from suppliers both in the UK and China and used to enable quick and cost effective manufacture of the tooling.

The product is now in production in the UK and commercially available buy.