Banner System

(Manufacture to customer drawings)

Our client approached us to help them source all the mechanical components to and fully assemble their new product in China, before shipping in bulk to the UK. The “Banner System” had been developed by a separate product design company who we know well and they recommended ChinaTech Sourcing as a good potential manufacturing route.

The project included sourcing bespoke die castings, aluminum extrusions, plastic moldings, plastic extrusions, as well as several standard type components and fixings. One of the advantages of manufacturing in China is that bespoke production tooling is often 50% cheaper than in western European countries, so this made the customers upfront initial investment much less than would have been the case using UK suppliers. Also the unit product cost was far more cost effective than UK factories could support.

One of the advantages of ChinaTech is we have an office in China with engineers able to visit the suppliers. During one of the early trial builds an assembly issue became apparent which required a design change. We were able to discuss this with the UK product design company and get a modified drawing back out to the supplier ready for implementing in China in time for the start of the next working day. (ie just as we were going to bed!). Quick and effective communication avoids delays and costly mistakes.

Our services for this project included project management and manufacturing.