ChinaTech Sourcing | Case Study 1

Telecoms Project


ChinaTech Sourcing was approached by an existing telecoms customer to help them introduce a suite of new aluminium components for their new product.


The project involved:

  • Initial cost estimates based on concept designs
  • Identifying and auditing potential suppliers in China
  • Supplier selection and nomination
  • Working with the customer to develop the concept designs with respect to:
    • Design for Manufacture feasibility
    • reduction in manufacturing costs
  • Supply of ‘machined from solid’ prototypes in advance of availability of ‘off tool’ castings
  • Supplier development including:
    • review of planned manufacturing process
    • improvements to fixturing and work holding
    • 35% reduction in machining times
    • painting improvements
  • Pre-production quality approvals and ISIR reports/ PPAP samples
  • Packing design and approvals
  • Supply of production parts DDU to the customer’s factory


The project went into production in April 2008 and resulted in approximately $500,000 turnover for ChinaTech Sourcing in Q4 on this project.


As well as delivering the project on time and within budget, ChinaTech Sourcing was able to add significant value in two key areas.

A tight deadline meant that the components were needed before the customer had time to wait for some die casting tooling. In order to assist them we managed to machine 1,000 parts from solid aluminium prior to the availability of die castings. This was carried out in China for less than half the price they had been quoted in the UK, even allowing for air freight charges. Needless to say, the customer was delighted!

At the last minute, two weeks after placing a production order, the customer informed us that they needed some additional machining on the castings. Within 24 hours of receiving new drawings, our Engineer based in China emailed photos and an ISIR report of a sample part incorporating the additional machined features. The complete order was still delivered within the original delivery date, meaning that the customer avoided a large penalty clause. As a result, ChinaTech was thanked in person by the CEO.